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Wild Raven Comes To Talk With Old Man

In Merlyn Williams’ video of Raymond the raven we see an interesting social interaction between corvid and human. He appears not to be afraid of Merlyn, but engaging with him with gurgling croaks and calls. Maybe Raymond’s keen observations of humans made him aware that Merlyn was not a threat, but rather a friendly soul […]

Family Of Little Owls Discover A Camera Outside Their Den

There is no doubt that owls are incredible birds. These far-sighted birds are usually active at night, but since there are more than 200 different species of owls, it is good to mention that some of them are active during the day. Due to their interesting appearance and behavior, many cultures used owls as a […]

Mama Elephant Cuts Bath Time

In this video, we can see the unexpected reaction of a baby elephant that is having a bath. When his mother stops the process, he is not pleased. Elephants are the heaviest and largest land animals in the world. They are truly impressive and this is the reason why people have always been impressed by […]

Milkshake the Cow Thinks Rescuer is Her Mom

Saving almost any animal in trouble will guarantee signs of gratitude. Animals can be quite grateful whenever someone provides them help when needed. However, in this video we can witness a gratitude that goes beyond typical levels. Milkshake the cow was living in horrible conditions in a very small pen when she was just 15 […]

Entire Elephant Family Rushes to Greet Newborn Calf

There are different things that indicate that elephants are not just one of the largest animals, but they are also one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Several studies have confirmed that elephants identify languages. They can also understand human body language and use different tools. But, what is even more interesting is […]

Freedom For Hoover The Tiger

Circuses are witnessing decline in their popularity and this is a good news because most of them are abusing animals in order to attract visitors. In most cases, circus animals live in sub-standard conditions without proper food and water, but what is even worse is that the trainers are frequently beating them just to make […]

Lazy Wolf Fails to Howl

There is no doubt that animals born in captivity develop different habits than the ones born and raised in the wilderness. Of course, in their essence they are still representatives of their species, but they might act a little bit different in certain situations. Take Alawa for example. She is a gray wolf born in […]