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After 50 Years in Chains, Abused Elephant Gets to Enjoy Something She Hasn’t Been Able to Do in Decades

Mia is a 50-year-old female elephant that spent most of her life in chains at an Indian circus in Tiruvannamalai, along with her friend, Sita, also 50.

Thanks to Wildlife SOS, a rescue and rehabilitation organization, the elderly elephants are now getting to enjoy a leisurely, stress and shackle-free retirement in an Indian sanctuary filled with mud baths, papayas and plenty of TLC.

Mia and Sita recently boarded a special elephant caravan and traveled over 1,200 miles, day and night, and through heavy rains, reported The Dodo.

Fortunately, the pair finally escaped their many years of exploitation in the circus. When they weren’t performing both Mia and Sita were said to be chained up and could never fully lie down to really rest.

Nikki Sharp of Wildlife SOS told The Dodo, “She (Mia) is really enjoying all aspects of her freedom. Although she has traveled over a thousand miles to the elephant center and she is now in a very different climate, she appears like she has quickly accepted the center and all its occupants as her home and family.” via

And you may need to grab a tissue to get ready for what you’ll see in the video.

When Mia arrived at the sanctuary, Sharp says that she appeared to “collapse with joy at finally breaking free of her chains,” and recently, she was spotted “blissfully napping the day away, a luxury that she hasn’t enjoyed for decades,” her caregiver added.

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