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Baby Owl Dances With Stuffed Halloween Owl

Oakley, a baby great horned owl rescued by Raptor Rehabber, has found the perfect dance partner: a stuffed Halloween owl who does a great cover of the ‘Monster Mash’. He has gone to great lengths to make the owlet comfortable, while still avoiding becoming a recipient of the creature’s imprint.

Rehabilitating baby owls can be a tricky job — if you’re not careful, they can imprint on you as a surrogate parent, making it nearly impossible to release them back into the wild.

In order to feed the bird, he calls like a Great Horned Owl to signal mealtime, and, to actually feed Oakley, he camouflages himself under a sheet with holes in it.

Oakley was released back to the wild when he was old enough, about six weeks after this was filmed. [source]

Watch as he celebrates Halloween by keeping time with his buddy — the video’s a real hoot!

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