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Genius Horse Plays Dead Every Time He’s Supposed to Go to Work

This is one genius horse who definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. He knows just how to manipulate his owner so he can get out of work – he plays dead. In fact, he does it so well that even a carrot can’t tempt him to budge.

Of course, many of us have probably gone to some great lengths to get out of work too, though we doubt that anyone has ever done it this well. Playing dead probably isn’t the best idea for a human who doesn’t want to go into the office but it certainly works for this guy – it’s so effective that some believe that he should star in his own show with such obvious theatrical talents.

In the South Korea YouTube below, you’ll crack up when you see that as soon as his rider walks away, giving up hope of waking up a horse from the dead, he springs back up again to munch on one of his favorite treats.

If you think this horse should get into show business, be sure to share the video to get him the spotlight he so surely deserves!

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