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These Amazing High Diving Giraffes Will Almost Make You Believe The Impossible

Got the blues? A five-minute film about acrobatic giraffes high-diving into an Olympic-sized swimming pool is sure to turn that frown upside down.

And no worries, animal lovers. While it offers plenty of thrills, there are no animal-welfare concerns because it’s all animated.

“5 Métres 80,” directed by Nicolas Deveaux at Cube Creative Productions, has it all. It seems the giraffes’ slinky necks were clearly made for graceful dives and midair acrobatics. The short film won best in show at SIGGRAPH Asia for its sometimes delicate, sometimes goofy animation and choreography.

Back legs apart and front legs slightly arched, each animal takes a turn at jumping in.

We highly recommend that you watch every second of the stunning footage below. While the dives performed are, yes, fantastical, the movement of the animals are so real it makes you almost believe in the impossible. via

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