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Freedom For Hoover The Tiger

Circuses are witnessing decline in their popularity and this is a good news because most of them are abusing animals in order to attract visitors.

In most cases, circus animals live in sub-standard conditions without proper food and water, but what is even worse is that the trainers are frequently beating them just to make them follow their commands.

The tiger in this video known as Hoover, was in a similar situation. He was part of a circus where he was trained with the help of whips. Between the shows, Hoover was living in a very small cage. This inappropriate treatment started to affect Hoover’s physical and psychological health.

Sadly, this circus in Peru where Hoover was kept had few other tigers, but they’ve lost their lives. Once the authorities found out about this, the organization Animal Defenders International and the police saved the last tiger from this circus.

It is good to mention that Peru has imposed ban to the use of wild animals in circuses. Hoover was moved to the rescue center known as Spirit of Freedom where he has followed a thorough rehabilitation program. After this process was finished, Hoover was sent to natural woodland with other tigers that had similar fate in the past. source

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