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Entire Elephant Family Rushes to Greet Newborn Calf

There are different things that indicate that elephants are not just one of the largest animals, but they are also one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Several studies have confirmed that elephants identify languages.

They can also understand human body language and use different tools. But, what is even more interesting is that these incredible animals show empathy and express feelings. In this video, we can see one good example of how elephants can get emotional.

There is no doubt that the birth of a baby is one of the happiest moments in the lives of humans. All the family members want to see the baby and the proud mother.

While the baby is growing, he/she is always watched by parents and relatives. However, it seems that elephants get equally excited when this important event happens and this video can prove this.

Namely, one of the daughters of the matriarch of an elephant family that lives in Amboseli National Park in Kenya has recently delivered a healthy calf. When the matriarch realizes that her daughter is getting close to the herd and carries a new member she is overwhelmed by emotions and runs to greet them.

This is a very touching moment that every person should see! via

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