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Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue

A one-week-old foal sleeps soundly in the lap of its new surrogate mum – a jumbo Teddy Bear.

The mare carries a foal for about 11 months. When it comes to domestic horses, it is typical for foals to grow together with their mother until they reach 6 months.

After that, the foal separate from their mothers and live independently. Some of them cease the contacts with their mothers completely. It is very important for the foal to grow together with its mom.

However, the foal named Breeze from this video was not lucky enough to learn more about life with the help of his mother. That’s why this sanctuary is trying to do their best to prepare this baby horse for any life situation.

It seems that the big teddy bear provides comfort whenever the foal feels lonely.

But medical care wasn’t all Breeze needed. He was all alone and needed comfort and contact, like any baby. So the sanctuary put out a call for donations of oversized stuffed animals.

The sanctuary’s executive director, Syra Bowden, said they “always give our orphaned foals a giant cuddly toy as a companion; they’re just like human babies in the way it provides them with comfort.” via: care2

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