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Porcupine Tastes His First Pumpkin

Teddy bear the porcupine loves to snack, just as much as he loves to talk about his snack. Teddy Bear has found some delicious pumpkins for his Halloween feast.

Porcupines like Teddy Bear are herbivores, meaning they eat plants – so things like pumpkins, fruit, leaves, and even buds of flowers are all a porcupine’s diet. Probably the greatest thing about porcupines – and especially about Teddy Bear – is the adorable sounds that they make. You wouldn’t be able to tell that they were so prickly from a conversation with one! source

Porcupines, Teddy Bear included, can’t see very well, but their sense of smell is stellar. They are not territorial, and they love salt (though some apparently love pumpkins too!). It is important to know that due to roads and predation by big cats, porcupines are considered threatened. Read More

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